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Marc Merklen, founder of Fashion Agent, after a dynamic professional path, has an important network of high-end buyers around the world.

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Entrust the management of your sales force to Fashion Agent: you will save time and efficiency; you will reduce your costs and develop the sales of your brand.

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After a study of the brand positioning and collection’s segment, Fashion Agent advices you and brings you a full range of services

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Many creators believe in us.

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Multiple solutions are proposed and adapted according to the profile of the brand and the situation of your commercial development. Several options are available.

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Fill in your information so that you get a fashion-time response.

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Entrust the management of your sales force to Fashion Agent, you will gain time and efficiency, reduce your costs and you will activate a better response to your business sales development needs.


You can focus on the creation / design of the collections in which you must spend most of your time, while keeping control of business objectives and market information.


With more than 15 years in the fashion field, Fashion Agent is composed of a team of professionals in the fashion industry / luxury and that are specialists in the development of strategies, marketing activities but also experts in negotiation, in all brands segment: Couture, Ready to wear (Women and Men) Swimwear / Beachwear, accessories and design..

If your brand is located out of France, Fashion Agent can manage your brand in France but also be your personal representative office located in Paris. We will introduce and promote your brand into stores and we will help you during fashion fairs, photo shootings….









After studying the existing positioning of your brand and your product range, Fashion Agent advises and provides the following services :


• Establish the terms and conditions (GTC), your whole sale prices, conditions of sale, documents facilitating your listing with multi-brand stores and retail chains and department stores – Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette,  Le Printemps ,for example- in France).


• Define a marketing strategy: branding.


• Supervise/Design the look books, catalogs, brochures, but also model castings and photo shoots of your collections ...


• Negotiate the referencing of your products, pricing conditions, settlements, promotions.


• Organization of commercial and promotional events:  Pop-Up Stores in France but also internationally.


• Find and select your sales agents internationally.


• Ensure compliance with negotiated trade agreements.


• Report and feedback  information about your products but also competition, especially on the evolution of the market, adapting your collections on target markets.


• Maintain a strong relationship with buyers and participate in trade shows in France and around the world.


 Fashion Week : Advices in organizing your booth during Fashion Week, support of our team on your booth, organization and implementation of dedicated showroom.


• Maintain efficient relationships with French institutions (Federation du Pret à porter, Chambre Syndicale de la Couture and other institutions ...) or with the press.


• Set up quickly anTd efficiently the sales team, able to manage your customer relationships (customer relationship and sales administration).


• Establish the files for State grants and funding (if applicable), which could benefit your company for international trade missions (out of France).


• Out of France customers, Fashion Agent is your new business branch in Paris and will represent your product lines.


Marc Merklen, founded Fashion Agent, after a dynamic career, rich in multiple experiments. Fashion Editor of the Palace Magazine and fashion journalist: City magazine, Joyce,

Globe ... He was distributor / importer of the biggest luxury brands in Central America, then back in Paris, sales manager with young designers (women and men ready to wear and fashion accessories).

A full range of services

By taking stock of its real field experience, Marc Merklen observed that young designer brands are often fragile financially and that their cash remains particularly tensed.


For more than fifteen years in the world of fashion and luxury, Marc Merklen, has acquired major know-how, a strong knowledge on the field (stores) and a large buyer's address book, constantly updated (department stores, boutiques, concept stores and e-commerce website ...) in France and International. Our database of buyers counts over 9.500 high end buyers in the world.


In addition to its commercial support, through its network of experts Fashion Agent offers  the following services: event management, marketing, PR, shooting collections, castings…

Fashion Agent, in the B offer contract, is responsible for research, obtaining grants and funding, from Government (if applicable) for all international trade missions (out of France).


Fashion Agent is your external sales force reserved for the young fashion designers brands.



Multiple solutions are proposed, adapted to the profile of your brand and position your business sales development.


Our Offers:


1 .Exclusive:

We only develop your brand and only your brand for the segment: Women / Men / Accessories / decoration, in targeted selected stores.


2. Without exclusivity:

We present your brand with other brands of the same segment: Women / Men / Accessories / decoration, in targeted selected stores.





Examples of actions on field :


F.Agent 001 (exclusivity)


We search for your brand exclusively in its segment (woman / man or accessories) on selected stores:

1 International trade mission  (+ transport costs and accommodation surcharge),

from t€ 4500 ht (a + commission income of € 500 per referenced store).



F.Agent 002 (Pool)


We search for several brands in the segment on the selected stores:

1 International trade mission (+ transport costs and accommodation surcharge BUT shared among participants), from 3,500 € ht (a + commission income of € 500 per referenced store)


Our best solutions/services  is the organization of ephemeral showrooms, trade shows, trade missions, mainly overseas for several brands, shared costs such as  mobile pop-up  showroom during small periods.


An idea, a suggestion, a special request, please feel free to contact us by email:



Offer A -Short term:

We identify with your brand the sales actions to be performed (buyers contact search selection mailing (follow-up calls), trade show, show room presentation..) over a period from two to six months or One season.

Our sales&marketing support/assistance services, starts from 12,500 € ht


Offer  B -Middle term:

We define specifications and comprehensive action plan with all the tasks to be performed (buyers contacts, prospecting activities, trade shows, show room presentation, including research and forms fillings for  State grants  ....) for sales&marketing support from 6 to 12 months, or 2 seasons.

Our sales&marketing support/assistance services, starts from 25,000 € ht


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27, rue notre dame de Nazareth

75003 PARIS ( France)

T : +33 (0)1 70 06 04 80



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231, rue Saint-Honoré

75001 PARIS (France)


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